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Best Cover Songs on Cover Toplist | Here are the leaders

Rating: 4.2
5 votes
Wildfire - SBTRKT (cover added by Victoria)

A cover version of SBTRKT - Wildfire. Added to cover contest by Victoria

Rating: 4.2
5 votes
Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix (cover added by Robert Taira Wilson)

A cover version of Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing. Added to cover contest by Robert Taira Wilson

Rating: 4.2
5 votes
Clairvoyant - The Story So Far (cover added by Michelle Nguyen)

i can't get over how perfect this song is! tssf is the reason for my pride in the east bay, haha. hoping i'll be able to see them at warped tour next year!

Rating: 4.18
17 votes
Rolling in the deep - Adele (cover by Vazquez Sounds)

A cover version of Adele - Rolling in the deep by Vazquez Sounds. Added to cover contest by Sparta

Rating: 4.18
17 votes
Wake Me Up - Avicii (cover by Runaground)

A cover version of Avicii - Wake Me Up by Runaground. Added to cover contest by Bianka Lorenz

Rating: 4.18
17 votes
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyonce (cover added by Dauid Williams)

A cover version of Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). Added to cover contest by Dauid Williams

Rating: 4.17
12 votes
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (cover added by Kyle Wesley)

Acoustic Cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Rating: 4.17
12 votes
My Immortal - Evanescence (cover by Lindsey Stirling)

A cover version of Evanescence - My Immortal by Lindsey Stirling. Added to cover contest by Tommi

Rating: 4.17
12 votes
Down - Jason Walker (cover added by Kyle Wesley)

A cover version of Jason Walker - Down. Added to cover contest by Kyle Wesley

Rating: 4.16
19 votes
Not Afraid - Eminem (cover by Madilyn Bailey)

A cover version of Eminem - Not Afraid by Madilyn Bailey. Added to cover contest by Norman Rockwell

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