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About Cover Toplist

Cover Toplist is an online cover song contest.

There are numerous artists and various performers we have seen doing covers on YouTube, whose fame was fed by singing covers (cover songs). Yes, covers of well known songs. And this is a growing trend as far as we are concerned. Actually, it is even a way of life that has been going on for a while. So we created Cover Toplist to sort out the best cover songs and cover singers from the vast amount of artists, since everyone can't be the best. There are some, who have the X-factor, that makes you tingle, and some who haven't. Cover Toplist helps find that out. And all the people using this site will be the decision makers in the process of finding the best. They just have to rate cover songs in order to participate. And to have fun while doing so.

Who can use Cover Toplist?

Cover Toplist is for everyone from all over the World (we have even flags on profiles, so people can show what country they are representing).

How to use Cover Toplist?

By all means - if some people still have no videos of singing on YouTube or Vimeo - we hope we can change that and soon everyone will. Currently we support two main video sharing environments - YouTube and Vimeo. To participate in Cover Toplist, one needs to have a video in one of those video sharing environments.

References from history of singing

It may sound a bit odd nowadays, but, in fact, in prehistorical times, mates were chosen by their singing skills. Singing is a really important part of a social being such as a human is and in those days it was considered as the most impressive way of telling one's story. Nowadays we seem to forget that part of us and we would like to bring more music into everyone's life. When you will have forgotten yourself scrolling on and on in our users' videos you will realize that how much you actually like when people are singing or playing an instrument, and if they do it so well that you just want to see more. It is programmed in you to like good music. Because you are amazing.

Enjoy your stay!
Cover Toplist team